Month: February 2017

Rope Climbs/Deadlifts

Accessory-Barbell Hip Bridges 10-8-6 Workout of the Day Every 2 minutes for as long as possible complete: From 0:00-2:00 6 assisted Rope Climbs (2 Rope Climbs) 2 Deadlifts (225/155) From 2:00-4:00 6 assisted Rope Climbs (2 Rope Climbs) 4 Deadlifts From 4:00-6:00 6 assisted Rope Climbs (2 Rope Climbs) 6 Deadlifts Continue adding 2 reps …

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Skill-8 mins of DBL Under Practice Workout of the Day Benchmark WOD of the Month “Fran” 21-15-9 reps of: Thrusters (adv. 95/65) Pull-ups

Happy Birthday Christine Scott!

Accessory– Super Planks x 20 (10 ea side) Workout of the Day Christine Scott B-DAY WOD 3 Rounds of: 30 Double Unders 9 Pull-ups (adv. chest to bar) 200m Run (adv. 400m Run) 30 Sit-ups (adv. strict sit-ups) 9 dumbbell snatches (alternating) (adv. 50lb/30lb)

Partner WOD

Strength– L-sits on Paralletes 4x max hold Workout of the Day Partner WOD 10 min total – As Many Burpees As Possible 5 min. Amrap – Partner 1 completes as many burpees as possible 5 min. Amrap – Partner 2 completes as many burpees as possible (partners cannot go at the same time, partner 1 …

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Double Unders/KBS/Box Jumps

Skill– Pistol Practice 20 per leg (Scale: use box or rig) Workout of the Day 5 rounds for time of: 20 Double Unders 15 Kettlebell Swings (adv. 53/35lbs) 10 Box Jumps (adv. 24/20)

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