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Great place with great people! I always thought crossfit was for macho, bodybuilding white men. This place provides a great environment for people of all fitness levels, ages and genders. Coaches are super supportive and have helped me gain strength and stay motivated. Great place to work out.
Farah E.
Andrew and his crew are wonderful people! They were very welcoming and accommodating to me as a drop in. I greatly appreciate their kindness and allowing me to workout with them. Great facility as well!!
Kam S.
Some of the best gym owners you’ll find, great community of people. I’m constantly challenged and there is always something exciting to be doing, the workouts are far from boring! I love he flexible scheduling so I can come in and workout without being tied to a specific time, really helps when I’m busy with work or have things to plan around and still get a workout in.
Arthur C
Long overdue review, where do I being?! I first discovered crossfit, when I was driving down Hume Way, on my way picking up son from a friend house. I looked over to the right of me, I saw people outside the gym, running, flipping the tire, and using a sledgehammer slamming it on the tire… That got me thinking (I should stop by before work and get myself signed in ASPA!) When I stopped by to sign up, I wasn’t a member YET…boy….let me tell you! I walked in, everyone greeted me! Everyone said (Hi!!!) I felt very welcomed! Like was a member of their community… I was greeted by coach Jerry, he got me signed up, you have week to try out crossfit… I was a member for a good 6 to 7 months or almost a year! I think…..this place became my second home and family! I remember my first day and my wod…I thought I was going to die! And I remembered Andy saying if your going throw up, it better not be on my carpet… You better run outside…(but you’ll get a free t-shirt) lol yes! Andy was my coach on my first day! (Thee owner) he took his time explaining everything to me, from safety, stretching before and after a workout and also how to use the equipments… After my second week, man…..I was hooked! My experience here I will never forget! Coaches! The owners (Andy and Marcia)! Fellow workout buddies! I’ve met a lot wonderful people here!!! Our bond that we share! To get us through a wod!!! Only crossfitter will understand! In the middle of the wod, if the coach see you struggling he/she will encourage you to finish! Not only the coaches will, but your fellow workout buddies! Everyone cheers you on! If you’re the last one to finish, your fellow workout buddy or buddies and coaches will finish with you! Not only they encourage you at the gym, the coaches will send you post cards! Words of encouragement! This is why I kept coming back! The owners and coaches will take their time to explain a wod or a movement! And if they see that you doing a movement wrong they will correct you in the middle of a wod….and they will stand next to you, to show you how to do a movement! Until you get it right!! I only left because of the military! So if ever come back to Vacaville, California! my go to place!!!! I will be back!!!!
Teri L.
Not a gym, but a community or even better, a family. One Saturday morning (August 2014) my wife woke me up, and told me that WE were starting CrossFit. I did what any good (sane) husband would do…I went. I am now writing today, 7 months later still having fun everyday. Why you ask… Well, the challenge. I’ve always been able to run, do pushups, sit-ups, and MAKE IT through a workout. Since I’ve started I’ve been challenged to not just make a work out, but to OWN a workout. Andy, Marcia, and their staff have challenged me to no end. The trainers; Andy, Marcia, Tito, Jamie, Tiffany, Katie, Chris, Sonny, and Joe (sorry if I’m forgetting anybody) ensure your safety, and form are correct. What does that mean? It means check your ego at the door, and get ready to work, but have fun doing it. It’s a family because there are people like you and I constantly encouraging each other. There are no “meat heads,” just everyday people setting personal goals for themselves. The workout too hard? Well everything is tailored to what you CAN do. Long story short. If you want to try something CHALLENGING, FUN, and outside you comfort zone, then stop by. Try the week long introduction to CrossFit, and become hooked like me.
Aaron C.
’ve use to tease my friends that went to Crossfit about the kool-aid. What can I say, 3 months later I now a kool-aid kid! I tried Vacaville Crossfit as my old routines were no longer working for me and age has a cruel way of letting you know. When I started it was completely out of my element and comfort zone. The trainers are so amazing to work with, they are patient, emphatic but also know exactly when and how to push. Owners Andy and Marcia have built a great culture that I enjoy participating in. All of the coaches I’ve worked with have been great and a special shout out to coach Jamie. Everyday I get a little stronger & healthier. Becoming a member of Vacaville Crossfit has changed a lot of my lifestyle for the better My only regret is not taking measurements when I started but in the other hand, I can feel and see the difference.
Tara S.

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