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What should I expect at the complimentary intro session?

You should expect to meet one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members that will guide you through a challenging, but short workout that might give you a reality check about your fitness level. Expect to see other members that will greet you with smiling faces, ask you your name and welcome you to our community. The intro session will take approx. one hour and will consist of a warm-up, a sample beginner’s workout, followed by stretching and mobility

What Is the One-Week Fundamentals Beginners Program?

The CrossFit Vacaville Beginners Program is designed specifically for those new to CrossFit training. The one-week will be 1-on-1 personal training with a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach to introduce new CrossFitters to the fundamental elements of CrossFit training. The program provides coaching, nutrition for fitness, direction for and practice of the basic functional CrossFit movements.

What is the Cost?

Our NO OBLIGATION one-week program is a value of $660, and we are currently offering it for $50. If you choose to sign up after your one-week, you will receive a complimentary Team CrossFit Vacaville T-Shirt.

One Week Beginner's Program

At CrossFit Vacaville we want to find out about you, your goals and expectations, fitness level, and experience. Our complimentary intro class will give you a chance to learn a lot more about our programs and actually experience CrossFit Vacaville for yourself. After your intro session you can choose if you would like to continue on to our One Week Beginner’s Program.

What's Included?

• Personal one-on-one training from one of our experienced & knowledgeable coaches.

• Scheduled appointments according to your availability. • One Week (6-7 consecutive one hour sessions), each consisting of 2-3 fundamental movements.

• Each session you will include a customized beginner workout that can be scaled to your specific fitness level.

• Complimentary nutrition consultation with a Certified Nutrition Specialist including measurements and a body fat analysis. At CrossFit Vacaville we focus on relationships with our students, building community, service that exceeds your expectations, and program design that helps you reach your goals faster. We use proven methods, both traditional and non-traditional, to help our students reach their health and fitness goals. We will give you the guidance, tools and knowledge to start down a path to a healthy lifestyle and hold you accountable to make sure you reach those goals. There is absolutely no substitute for dedication and hard work. The key to success is consistency, showing up and not quitting Make your daily workout a habit and make your health and fitness your priority. Results are not guaranteed, they are earned. There are plenty of places out there that are a lot cheaper. You get what you pay for. If you are looking for value and our commitment to helping you achieve your goals, then you are in the right place.