CFVV Beginner On-Boarding

What’s Included:

– The first month of CrossFit ($200 value) including: 

           -1-week (5-classes) CFVV Elements Program

          – 3-Weeks of CrossFit classes with workouts scaled to individual ability.

– Individualized Functional Movement Screen (FMS) & a re-test if needed ($150 value).

– Nutrition Consultation ($120 value) including:

           – Initial and 30, 60, & 90-day Follow-up for Body Fat & Measurements

           – An understanding of nutrition for athletes, macronutrients, supplements,                   & resources.

           – Diet, meal planning, and information for making sustainable lifestyle changes!


What is the CFVV Elements Program?

IMG_4362What is the CFVV Elements Program? The CFVV Elements Program is a 5-class/1-week program designed to introduce all 9 Fundamental Movements of Crossfit to beginner and intermediate athletes. Upon completion of the 5 classes, you are ready to confidently and safely join the main workouts at CFVV! Each class will consist of a new learning concept, a review of previous concepts, mobility work, skill practice, and a Workout of the day.


  • Class 1 – Core to Extremity and Pull-ups
  • Class 2 – Squats and Box Jumps
  • Class 3 – Hip Hinge – Moving through the Deadlift and Kettlebell Swings
  • Class 4 – The Pressing Movements and Wall Ball

  • Class 5 – Graduation and Barbell Work – Overhead Squat, Push Jerk, Cleans

Elements Class Days/Times: The days and times for Elements sessions can be scheduled based on your individual availability to fit within your schedule!

What is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)? As a part of our mission to make sure everyone in our gym is moving safely and powerfully, we have implemented functional movement screens (FMS) as part of the newbie onboarding process. These screens allow us to see where you can improve, how you organize your movements both in and outside the box, expose any power leaks, and most importantly prevent injury.

What is the Cost? $250 or can be broken up into two payments of $125 (Total Value – $470)

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