• "I started CrossFit Vacaville around mid-November 2014. A week prior I reached my peak weight of 160lbs, was smoking nearly a pack of cigarettes a day, eating because I was bored, and had a nightly routine of a pint of fudge core Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a Netflix binge. I felt horrible and unhealthy to the point where walking upstairs to my class on the second story left me winded, and my weight was constantly gaining I figured I needed to do something about it before I looked in the mirror and felt like there was no hope. I tried traditional gym memberships before. It wasn’t my thing. I went into CrossFit knowing it was a tough love environment and my excuses wouldn’t be pitied, and I would be pushed to earn what I want: a healthy body. And aresafter32 45 DAYS INTO MY CROSSFIT VACAVILLE JOURNEY! CrossFit Vacaville did not let me down. The coaches truly care about your health. Every time I go in I’m greeted by name, and they also notice when I don’t come in for a few days, and I get chided on that. They hold you accountable and that, in itself, is a large portion of the motivation. I’ve never been so sore and I’ve never sweat so much, but I have never seen results like this in such a short amount of time. A little over two months ago I was a 160lb binge eating, chain smoker. I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m starting to see muscle show. I haven’t touched a cigarette since I started CrossFit, since the WODs definitely require my full lung capacity. I’ve gotten over my sugar addiction and for once eating healthy doesn’t feel like dieting. I’m 21 and for once I actually feel like I’m in my prime."

  • "It has been 5 years since my husband and I first decided to try Crossfit Vacaville as our “date night”. I will be honest, we were both very nervous, and didn’t know what to expect from this experience. Wow, we made it through the first WOD feeling exhausted yet very accomplished. My husband loved it and continued following Crossfit Vacaville during their growth and expansion. When we found out I was pregnant with our son Cameron who is now 4, so I took some time off. Then in February 2014, I was driving to work one day and decided a few things: I needed a challenge, I wanted to work out with my husband, and I wanted to work towards that toned body that I have always dreamed of. I was tired of going to the “regular” gyms where you were only a number when you check in and spend numerous hours doing the same workouts day in and day out and not seeing any results. I called my husband to tell him my new goals and he was ecstatic. Crossfit Vacaville here I come! I walked through that door and the look on Andy and Marcia’s face was priceless. They had been trying to get me back in their doors for quite some time, knowing that I would love it and feel extremely successful. My goal was, every woman’s goal, to lose weight as fast as I could. My favorite part about this was that Justin and I were working out together, bringing us closer than ever, connecting through hard work, sweat and sharing fitness goals and successes. Having a healthy body and mind improves the health of your relationship as well as shows our two beautiful children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months- we are still going strong, going on 6 months straight 4-5 days a week. We have both lost pounds and inches, gained muscle and have both become that much stronger and toned person we have always wanted to be! I have been told that we have officially “drank the Kool-Aid!”   Our family at Crossfit Vacaville is beyond amazing. Every trainer welcomes you with open arms, thriving to push you to that next level, giving you lots of confidence and support along the way. Aside from the trainers you have your fellow friends that become your family as you watch each other’s progress, become stronger and more confident- reaching those personal records and doing it with nothing but love and support! Crossfit Vacaville isn’t just a gym or a workout, it is our new lifestyle that Justin and I are proud to be a part of. Stop making excuses and start making changes at Crossfit Vacaville!"

    Justin and Sharice von MuhlfeldVacaville CA
  • We have been at this gym for a year and a half and could not be happier.  It is family owned, which is a plus, but more than that - all of the trainers, interns, and folks that work out here are like family.  From the insane amount of sweat dripping from smiling faces to the words of encouragement raggedly yelled by anyone and everyone, this place could startle someone not familiar with crossfit!  You move at your own pace, but you are never alone, and like it or not - the person next to you might beat you if you don't hurry it up!  If only the trainers would stop harping on my form...ah, the safety first model!  When it comes time for us to move on to the next assignment, there is no contest, it will be this place and these people that we will miss most of all.

  • Crossfit Vacaville is an aweome place to workout. It is a family owned business but once you start going there, you become one of the family. We all support each other, workout hard and have fun doing it. There are people of all ages and fitness levels that go - the only requirement is for you to try your hardest and get the most out of 'your' workout. I love it!

  • I was a member of CrossFit Vacaville for about eight months. I had amazing results. Went from barely lifting 25lbs over my head to waltzing around with 65lbs overhead. I am 120lbs, down from 130lbs thanks to this gym! I lost two inches in my waist and two in my hips. Talk about compliments, I couldnt hide my new figure if I tried! I have not gone in about five months due to a shift in focus to my education. Unlike a diet fad, the inches stayed off and my energy is still incredible. I miss the trainers there and when I do have the opportunity to run into them, they treat me like family.

    Jennifer C.
  • We love it here. My husband and I started coming here last March and we average about five times per week. Before we decided to start coming, I was concerned that we'd lose interest like we had with a previous (and more expensive) gym in Vacaville, but here it is almost ten months later and it still feels like we just started! You never do the same thing twice so it never gets boring, everyone is in the same boat as you so you never feel weird, confused, or singled out, and you end up doing things that you never really thought you could. When we first started, I could only push press 35 pounds. Seven months later, I accomplished 100 pounds and  I was shocked, and happy, and then pleasantly surprised when I got a postcard a couple of days later from one of the trainers congratulating me on doing it. When we first started going, we did it because my husband needed to get his cholesterol down and I needed to get stronger after an injury that I would rather forget ever happened. Now that his cholesterol is healthy and I'm so much stronger, we go not only because we want to stay that way, but because the camaraderie, the wonderful people, and the sheer curiosity of what we're capable of and how successful we can be keeps us going back. This place gave me a kind of confidence that only comes when you do something that you didn't know you were capable of doing. It's the kind of thing that makes you wonder what else you can do, and it makes you want to go see what that is. We can't possibly recommend it enough!

    Helen D.
  • Crossfit  Vacaville  was recommended to me by a friend. At the time I belonged toGolds gym, I lifted weights and did cardio. That's what the average person does at a gym, right? Well after my first day at CFVV I was hooked, I've been there for over 3 years now. If you are dedicated to changing your life and willing to learn and work hard you will get all that you dreamed of. The trainers are great and motivating. The workouts are always different thanks to Kelsy who programs the workouts always varied. Andy is always motivating and supportive, they all are a level above what you would expect. I'll be there until I'm 80 and will be in the best shape of any 80 y/o in town. Bottom line, if you you want change this is the place to do it. You just have to do it.

    Jeff W.
  • I love this crossfit. I was a 24 hour gym member before joining crossfit. I was getting bored with it and knew I had to change it. I had been interested in crossfit for months before stepping into one. I was so intimidated by what I saw on Youtube, but it wasn't that bad. The trainers tailored the workouts for me so I wasn't stuck doing something I couldn't do. I went to Vallejo crossfit and it just wasn't as good as this one. Andy is the owner and he's great. Everyone is very encouraging and tries to push you to do better and beyond what you think you could do... I love it.  I honestly thought I would only come twice a week because of the intensity of workouts but I've been coming here at least five times a week! I really enjoy coming here. If you're unsure about joining crossfit check this one! You won't regret it!

    Mai O.
  • I've been going here for about 8 months and have had great improvements in my physical health.  They have some excellent trainers here and I get great personal attention I need.  There is a great feeling of community and folks wanting to help each other out. The gym consistently exceeds my expectation.

    Jack Y.
  • I was a little apprehensive about Crossfit at first, I had heard mixed reviews about the exercises, and had evern heard that they were damaging to your body. I decided to go to CVV and give it a try since they offer a free first session, and a 1 week introductory course for $50. I have been working out my entire adult life, and I thought I was in pretty decent shape... Apparently I was not. Day 1 of the newbie workout kicked my butt, and so did day 2, day 3, and so on and so on. I've been going here for about 1 1/2 months now, and I'm still getting my butt kicked every day. This is by far the best, and most intense workout i've ever had, and the results have been amazing. I am so much stronger, and have so much more endurance than I had even 1 month ago. I'm getting leaner, building muscle, and doing it all in a very challenging, but fun way. I have never looked forward to going to the gym, but I do now. The coaches are great, always willing to help and encourage you, as are all the people there doing the workouts. The atmosphere makes crossfit what it is. I AM HOOKED! I definitely would reccomend CVV to anyone looking to get in shape, and change their lifestyle.

    Benjamin M.