Tiffani CrouchCoach

As a lifetime resident of Vacaville, I am excited to now be training fellow residents at CrossFit Vacaville. My husband introduced me to CrossFit shortly after he started at CrossFit Vacaville. Knowing my competitive nature and desire to become physically fit again, he knew CrossFit would be a good option for me. I tried it once, loved it and will never go back to a traditional gym again! Even though each workout seems to the hardest I’ve ever done, I feel such a sense of accomplishment after I yell “time”!CrossFit has helped me become a stronger, more fit and healthier mom to our three beautiful daughters. As an trainer, I enjoy being able to give that excitement and passion back to members. The look of satisfaction on people’s faces as they finish a WOD justifies why I love being a trainer. The family atmosphere we have at CrossFit Vacaville is unlike any gym. People not only cheer for one another, I have seen many times where people will join in a workout to help push someone struggling to finish.I couldn’t be happier with my personal results and I look forward to helping the members of CrossFit Vacaville succeed in their fitness goals.