Partner WOD

Strength – Barbell Upright Rows 4×10-8-6-4

Workout of the Day
BUY-IN: 400m Run (together) with Med Ball (both partners must be touching the med ball throughout the run)
50 Partner Burpees (one partner planks while other partner does a burpee over them)
100 Partner Med Ball Situp Tosses (interlock feet together and pass med ball each rep)
50 Partner Med Ball Squat Tosses (partners stand approx. 6 ft. or the width of two mats apart, squat with med ball and toss to partner)
100 Med Ball Overhead Lunges (one partner works/one rests – switch as needed – can do jumping lunges or standing lunges)
CASH OUT: 200m Partner Bar Carry – (both partners carry bar at same time – 45lb bar)

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