John Sigafoos

johnsigafoosI started CrossFit Vacaville because I knew I needed to do something to get rid of my gut! In addition, my daughter and son-in law were both avid fans of CrossFit Vacaville & my wife, Sandy had just finished her first week so it just made sense that I try it out too. I have never done a workout in a gym that was anything like CrossFit before. My motivation was to show up everyday.

I thought CrossFit was only for athletes and not for regular folks like myself, but boy was I wrong! I now know that CrossFit Vacaville can be for anyone with a goal of bettering himself or herself and can do so with confidence that the coaches at CrossFit Vacaville will provide motivation, support, and show you proper technique to avoid injury.

I really love coming to a place (like Cheers) and I love that everyone knows who I am and even the funny nicknames my family has adopted. I also love that the coaches are now my friends and are in my corner, ready to help me reach my goals & celebrate when I do, that’s the the best!!

My goals have changed from just showing up to now, relying on the coaches’ talent to help me excel & kill it when possible!!

I recently lost 20lbs (208 to 188) & lowered my body fat from nearly 29 to 23.5 in approximately 75 days. This would not be possible without my wife, Sandy’s support of the no sugar & flour diet that nutritional coach Tiffani & Marcia have assigned to me. With their help guiding my nutrition and the coaches guiding me on the workouts, I feel much better than I have in years and at 61 years old, that’s saying something!
In the future at CrossFit Vacaville, I hope to lose another 10lbs, be able to run a 5k & start training to gain upper body strength & mass. In addition, I have never had a six-pack & would like to try before I get too old!

Thanks for all your support!!!

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