Bobbie Ledford

bobbie-m97cr9antmfb2j9qqcbcr47l67ocwi7xqq61kxd0pe“CFVV has changed my life in so many ways; I am healthier, I ENJOY working out (yes, I said that I enjoy getting my ass kicked from the CrossFit WODs), I have more energy to keep up with my family and I can see all these results in my mood and in my clothes.”

At CrossFit Vacaville, we have seen inches lost, muscles gained and lives changed.

Bobbie Ledford is one of those people that decided that it was time for her to put her health and fitness first.

Bobbie’s CrossFit Vacaville journey began in early 2010. The pressure that Coach Carrie, a friend of Bobbie, put on her to simply try CrossFit quickly turned into inspiration because of Carrie’s mental and physical changes. Almost as quickly as she started, she was hooked on CFVV’s programming, coaches and community.

Bobbie said that it is hard for her to give just one thing that she likes the most about CrossFit Vacaville so we took the list…

#1- The fact that I am pushed every time I come through the door – whether it’s from a coach pushing me to PR on a lift or by support from other CFVV members during a tough WOD.
#2- The “no brainer” aspect because the workout is on the lovely white board for me each day.
#3- The ability to discuss my nutrition with CFVV’s certified nutritionist and coach, Marcia. This has made me healthier and been the driving factor behind my body transformation.

In 2 years, Bobbie has lost many inches from her body and over 20 pounds by watching her diet and exercising daily. And she is currently competing in her first CrossFit Reebok Open. She found her potential from simply seeing a friend’s transformations and tells everyone that all it takes to get hooked is to show up one time.

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