Athlete Profile – Meet Debbie!

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1. Tell us about yourself and your fitness background (hobbies, family, education, etc.)
I love working out to manage stress, stay strong for the air force and to help improve my horseback riding.

2. How long have you been doing CrossFit?
One Month

3. Why did you decide to start CrossFit and what made you choose CrossFit Vacaville?
I love the variety & great coaching on my lifting form.

4. What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Vacaville in general?

5. Best CrossFit Vacaville moment, memory, or accomplishment so far?
Finding my one rep max. It’s so cool to know how strong I am! I also love being able to find my max rep with the confidence in knowing a coach is spotting me.

6. What were your goals coming into CrossFit Vacaville, and did you achieve them?
My goal is to stay fit and drop a dress size or two. I’m still getting after it! Marcia is helping me dial in my nutrition too!

7. What results have you seen so far (weight loss, strength, etc.)?
No weight loss yet but I added about 50lb to my back squat and deadlift!



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