Our Coaches

Andrew Gensheimer


Certifications: B.A.-University of Michigan CrossFit Level 1 Certified CrossFit Kids Certified CrossFit Endurance Certified Gymnastics and Rowing Certified Olympic Lifting Certified Mobility and Recovery Certified Biography: I moved to Vacaville in 2007 with my wife Marcia, tired of the cold weather and corporate world. My daughter Kelsey followed a year later. My son Drew is still in Michigan and loves to CrossFit when he comes to visit.With over 30 years experience in consulting, customer service and business ownership I was looking for something different. Fitness and sports have always been a part of my life. My first experience in the fitness industry. I owned a Powerhouse Gym. It was a huge disappointment, a revolving door of people who were only focused on themselves. So I found myself in California an aging athlete recovering from a total hip replacement. I was struggling with a young mind and old body. I asked myself “Is it really over?” Then I read about CrossFit in a men’s magazine. I knew it was something I wanted part of. In March 2008, CrossFit Vacaville opened in a 500 sq. foot room. To get started, I began training anyone with $50 for a month of exposure to workouts unlike nothing else. Almost 3 years later CrossFit Vacaville has touched over 400 lives, and we currently operate in a 4500 sq. foot facility.I am currently pursuing my dream of helping others achieve their fitness goals, as well as my own. Thanks to CrossFit, I am now competing with younger athletes and am stronger than I have ever been. I feel I have no limitations. Every day I am pushed beyond my comfort zone and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I also know that the real satisfaction comes from being able to inspire and coach others into changing their lives the way CrossFit has changed mine. My philosophy is that fitness should be fun, and worth the time and effort. You do not have to settle for mediocrity and complacency that society dictates.

Marcia Gensheimer

Co-Owner, Nutritionist, Coach 

Certifications:Registered Nurse Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist CrossFit Level 1 Certified Mobility and Recovery Certified Olympic Lifting Certification Biography: I began my CrossFit journey with my husband Andy. “Working Out” was part of our lifestyle since we met. For years we went to a traditional gym, working out one body part each day. I considered myself to be in shape, but it wasn’t until CrossFit became my lifestyle that I found out what fitness truly is. I honestly felt cheated by spending all that time and money into a routine that did not take me beyond my comfort zone. CrossFit allows for efficient workouts that actually improve strength, balance, mobility while changing your body.CrossFit not only transformed my body, but also my life. When life is hard, I remember how to overcome the adversity because of the physical and mental toughness CrossFit requires. As a home health nurse I am welcomed into many different environments. I realize I have a short time to make a positive impact on someone’s life. The same goes for new members. It is very rewarding to see how we can impact someone’s life through our knowledge and welcoming atmosphere.I love seeing the progress our members make, from the first “Newbie” workout to the first time they overcome the anxiety of doing a box jump or pull-up. Watching confidence rise in someone who has conquered their fear is extremely rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others achieve their goals.




Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified Mobility and Recovery Certified Olympic Lifting Certified Biography: I moved to Vacaville in 2008 after attending Michigan State University. I ended up falling in love with California, and recently got married to my husband, Mike. Together we have an adorable dog named Winston. You will see him around the gym, greeting our members, sporting his own CrossFit Vacaville scarf. He is our official mascot! What I like about CrossFit is how it not only makes you stronger, but more confident in other areas of your life. It gives me great satisfaction when I see people get results and reach their goals. At our CrossFit, you will find a supportive environment helping you succeed. You just have to show up!

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Stacey Thomas

Movement Specialist/Coach

Certifications:CrossFit Level 1 Certified, CrossFit Level 2 Certified, Functional Movement Screen Level 1 and Level 2 Certified, Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 Certified, Rocktape Fascial Movement Taping Level 1 and Level 2 Certified, NeuroKinetic Therapy Certified.
I have been a Human Movement Specialist since 1997 and licensed as a Sports Massage Therapist since 2005.
I have been credentialed by the most respected educational organizations regarding human movement, performance training, and soft tissue treatment and I am continuously expanding my knowledge of the human form in motion. I have had the opportunity to be a featured author in massage publications regarding the use of kinesiology tape in treatment as well as a guest speaker at various conferences pertaining to movement as it relates to sport and functional strength.
I was a former competitive adventure and mountain bike racer, runner, and now a CrossFit athlete, and I am fully aware of the dedication needed to achieve and exceed your goals. Professionally, I’ve had the opportunity to manage large fitness facilities as the lead trainer, teach educational programs for trainers obtaining their certifications, and offered many health and wellness insights to groups through public speaking, writing for publications, and sporting events.
I am also a proud member of the Alpine Rescue Team, a volunteer EMT, mom to two awesome rescue dogs, and a very happy plant based athlete.



Certification: CrossFit Level 1 Certified Biography: I have lived in Vacaville most of my life and along with my husband am raising two great teenagers here. We are very busy with our kids sports but it has always been important to me to find time to work out. I was a member at a local gym for several years but never saw any significant results. I was introduced to Crossfit Vacaville by a coworker in the fall of 2009. My first visit was really hard but I continued to come back. It didn’t take long for me to become hooked and I quickly started to see an increase in my strength and endurance. Every day I was surprised at what my body was capable of. Crossfit has given me confidence and has made me a stronger person inside and out.My favorite aspect of Crossfit Vacaville is the strong feeling of community and family I have experienced since becoming a member. We are always cheering each other on and pushing each other to work hard. The camaraderie is apparent whether it’s a special event, team WOD, or just an average day at the gym. I am so happy to now be a member of the Crossfit Vacaville staff and truly love to motivate others in their own fitness goals. I am inspired every day when I witness new members and veterans alike reach a fitness milestone or surpass their own expectations for themselves. I truly believe in tough love and if you stick with it, you will definitely see great results!



Biography: I have been married for 10 years; I have 3 boys 16, 8, and 6. I have a K9 and a Bird. I’ve lived in Vacaville for about 10 years. I have an AA/As in Criminal Justice and was a Police Officer for 11 years and a Trainer of SWAT and Firearms Weapons and Tactics. I also trained new recruits at a local Police Academy.I’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year. I have lost over 28 pounds and I feel great. I wanted to become a trainer at CrossFit Vacaville because having been a trainer in law enforcement, it became a natural draw for me to want to help others succeed and reach their goals. The greatest satisfaction of being a trainer is being able to see and help new and experienced “CrossFitters” reach a new goal or WOD time. CrossFit Vacaville is not just a place to work out but a place where you can make your goals become reality.



Biography: As a lifetime resident of Vacaville, I am excited to now be training fellow residents at CrossFit Vacaville. My husband introduced me to CrossFit shortly after he started at CrossFit Vacaville. Knowing my competitive nature and desire to become physically fit again, he knew CrossFit would be a good option for me. I tried it once, loved it and will never go back to a traditional gym again! Even though each workout seems to the hardest I’ve ever done, I feel such a sense of accomplishment after I yell “time”!CrossFit has helped me become a stronger, more fit and healthier mom to our three beautiful daughters. As an trainer, I enjoy being able to give that excitement and passion back to members. The look of satisfaction on people’s faces as they finish a WOD justifies why I love being a trainer. The family atmosphere we have at CrossFit Vacaville is unlike any gym. People not only cheer for one another, I have seen many times where people will join in a workout to help push someone struggling to finish.I couldn’t be happier with my personal results and I look forward to helping the members of CrossFit Vacaville succeed in their fitness goals.

Bobbie Ledford


Biography: I started CrossFit in early 2010 with the help of my friend and fellow trainer, Carrie. I couldn’t believe the transformation that she was making right in front of my eyes and knew that I had to get on board with what she was doing! I am originally from Richmond but moved to Vacaville many years ago. I am married with one son and a handful of doggies. Needing to keep up with them is motivation enough to workout. My drive to be fit and healthy is what I use to motivate others. If they can look at me and see that I have transformed, so can they. I enjoy cheering them on and watching them excel during each and every WOD. The trainers and owners of CrossFit Vacaville have shown me support over the last year, I am just happy to be returning the favor to new members.


Jack Miller


Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Biography: I was born and raised in Solano County, and have lived in Vacaville for over 17 years. I love spending time with my two kids and two cats. I also enjoy softball, surfing, cooking, and reading. I’m all about personal growth and overcoming fears, so CrossFit was appealing to me. I wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting in the gym and needed to do something new with my fitness to reach my goals. I tried many personal trainers, but none were the right fit, and I still was not seeing results. I needed someone to be there and hold me accountable during the workouts and tell me what to do. Each trainer session was costing me $50+, and it was starting to add up. A friend mentioned I should try Crossfit, I walked in and talked to Andy. My initial thought was wow this is a lot of money for membership, but Andy explained the value in the cost (always having a coach available, community, etc.) When you compare the cost of paying a gym membership AND a personal trainer to a Crossfit membership and the value received, it’s a no-brainer. My first workout I walked in thinking I was in pretty good shape, I was wrong! I decided to commit for six months, and now, two years later, I am stronger than I have ever been and have a passion for life beyond anything I could have imagined.Crossfit has helped me believe more in myself and my abilities, to dream bigger. It’s given me endless amounts of energy to keep up with my kids and to do more in life. I’ve never been big on weightlifting and always thought it would just make me big and bulky. One of my initial goals was to lose weight, but one day Andy said I should focus on getting stronger, and the weight will take care of itself. Working with Andy on proper weightlifting technique has opened my eyes. To this day, I still get emotional about it! It was one of my pinnacle moments in Crossfit. Another moment I had was during one of the workouts, not sure which one. But I had reached a wall and was about to give up. Two people came alongside me and finished the workout with me, even though they were already done! After I had completed the workout, I had to walk outside because I was so overwhelmed by what I had just done and the support I received (I couldn’t stop crying!! Lol) It’s the next best thing to being part of a good church because of the community here. Everyone is encouraging and supportive. You just won’t find that in a gym.

I eventually decided to become a trainer at CrossFit Vacaville, so I could help people get better and reach their fitness goals. Seeing a member reach and exceed personal goals, or learn new skills gives me satisfaction as a trainer. There is something special that takes place when a person has a breakthrough, and I love being a part of that experience. I believe in all aspects of life you should always have someone in front of you (a mentor or coach) and someone behind you (mentee), as it is foundational to personal growth.

For anyone interested in CrossFit, but too afraid to try it, don’t listen to the naysayers. Try it out for yourself first, then decide. If you show up consistently and apply the tools, I guarantee it will change your life.

Nutrition plays a HUGE role in my fitness and health. Having Marcia, a certified nutritionist on the team is absolutely priceless!

Also, having Stacey, our mobility specialist, on the team enhances the value even more to an already great place.

Great people, great staff. An environment designed to change your life for the better!


Jason Eggers


Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Biography: I am a member of the US Coast Guard and as a result, of transfer ended up here in Vacaville from the east coast. I’m assigned to a search and rescue station in Vallejo where my primary duties cover San Pablo Bay and the narrows sloughs of Petaluma and Napa. This is my first assignment on the west coast, and so far California has been a great place to call home.

My introduction to CrossFit started during a visit from my brother while on assignment in Rhode Island. He introduced me to a workout that would leave me gasping on the ground in a pool of my sweat. Needless to say, that was all it took. I tried for about a year on my own to fumble through the workouts with little instruction on how to properly conduct the movements. When my transfer came, I decided it was time to take the next step and landed here at CrossFit Vacaville. I would immediately become immersed in the culture that was like-minded individuals getting together to become the best “them” they could.

I was offered an opportunity to intern and couldn’t resist. Having gained so much from all the people around me I saw this as an opportunity to give back.

CrossFit started on a journey of self-exploration on how well I get my body to perform, but becoming a part of CrossFit Vacaville’s staff has changed that vision to how many people can I bring with me!

Ryan Bates


Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified


Carrie Nielsen


Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Biography: I am married to my husband, Mike. We have two kids Alabama (4) and Michael (2). I was born and raised in Vacaville. I graduated from Will C. Wood high school. I am an NCCT and ASCP certified laboratory technician. I worked for Sutter Health for approx. 6 years before deciding to start a family with my husband. I am a stay at home mom and student now.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both pregnancies and had cesarean sections with both births. As a result, it leads to postpartum depression, more severely with my second pregnancy. The combination of the two medical issues lead me to the decision that I needed to make some life changes that I could stick with, so I decided to try CrossFit.

CrossFit has changed my life completely. I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I have ever been. It has built up my self-confidence and made me discover that I could do more than I ever knew I was capable of. I have made new friends that are encouraging and supportive (which is hard to do when you stay home with your kids). It has brought a new meaning to my life.

After joining CrossFit Vacaville and discovering the passion I had for CrossFit, I changed my major from being a nurse to Kinesiology. I am interested in helping people that may be in the position that I was in before I began. I feel I have the compassion and understanding to help motivate people that may need it.

The idea of helping or encouraging someone in the way that I needed when I began CrossFit is exciting to me and why I decided to become a trainer at CrossFit Vacaville.

I have tried other gyms. There is no gym like CrossFit Vacaville. There is a camaraderie there that you will not find anywhere else. Not only are the workouts differently daily there is always a trainer there to help you. There is always someone to assist you with your nutrition or to motivate you. The challenges have taught me different ways to confront my weaknesses with great success.

Lauren Shaw


Certifications:CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Biography:Vacaville has been my hometown since I was fairly young. After attending college in Los Angeles, I came back to be near my family. I was a swimmer for Vacaville swim team growing up and have always appreciated athletic activities and being part of a team. My journey into Crossfit started when Andy came into my office as a client and told me I just “had to join his gym”. I was training at the time to do an open water swim and thought it would be a good way to cross train. I appreciated the camaraderie and also that someone else was telling me what workout to do. At first, I only dabbled in Crossfit and took some time off. Coming back to Crossfit Vacaville was one of the best decisions I’ve made for both my fitness and my life. I know I’m undoubtedly stronger than I’ve ever been. That carries over into so many areas of my life, and my favorite part about now being able to coach is sharing that with other people. It’s tough to beat the joy of getting someone to realize how much more capable they are than they ever suspected. Crossfit will challenge you – without a doubt. But it will do that in an environment of people that are being challenged right along side you and want to see you succeed. We struggle together, we root for each other, and we all experience being stronger and healthier than we were before we started this journey. Crossfit Vacaville is a family that I’m thrilled to be a part of, and I would want everyone to know that Crossfit can be for anyone. We can make it work for you no matter your fitness level, and we will be they’re cheering for you all along the way.



Certification: CrossFit Level 1 Certified Biography: I have played 3 sports at a competitive level over the past nine years and have always loved being very active. I began attending CrossFit about a year and a half ago and began to assist in the Mobility and Stretching portion of the gym. Being an athlete, CrossFit has done amazing things for me. It has not only made me physically stronger but has also taught me to be more disciplined in all areas of my life. Pushing myself mentally and physically has helped me become a stronger, faster and more competitive player on the field and court. I love being a part of the gym and helping members push themselves to become stronger while achieving goals they never thought they could reach. CrossFit Vacaville in particular, provides an encouraging environment with trainers who truly care about the members that attend. It is a huge privilege for me to be a part of this staff.


Mark Borbe


Crossfit_McAllister (1)

John McAllister


Biography: I am 35-years old, and have been married to my wife, Anna for seven years. We have three kids that we adopted last year, Kyle, who is nine years old, Justin is four years old, Molly is three years old, and we are expecting our fourth child, a girl in March 2017. I am originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and moved to Southern California at the age of 16. I ended up moved to Northern California in 2011 where I went to Brandman University in Fairfield and graduated with Liberal Studies Degree. In addition to coaching at CrossFit Vacaville, I am also a teacher at Alamo Elementary, teaching special needs students in grades 4-6.

I was never into working out and did not care for the traditional gym setting. I had signed up for numerous different “traditional gym memberships” over the years and had no problem letting them take money from my account without ever stepping foot in their building. I knew how all the machines at the gym worked; I knew the muscle groups and body parts that each movement targeted, but I didn’t know how to properly string movements and workouts together to do an effective workout. I initially started at CrossFit Vacaville because the warm-ups and workouts were already planned for me, which gave me encouragement. What discouraged me from going to a traditional gym, was already done for me at CFVV; and the underlying competition and comradery at CrossFit Vacaville got me hooked. CrossFit has helped me get in shape and boosted my self-confidence. It has helped me understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. CrossFit allowed me to challenge my body and mind to do things that I never thought I would be capable of doing. CFVV has allowed me to be surrounded by a supportive group of friends, who I consider to be like a second family!

I love my CrossFit family and love watching everyone better themselves and continue to push the limits on their mental and physical toughness. I loved helping and motivating other members, so when the CFVV Team asked me to be a part of their coaching team, I couldn’t say no!

The support and motivation the coaches at CrossFit Vacaville give, especially in times of personal doubt over their physical abilities and mental toughness is amazing.

Supporting our athletes in these times of need and watching them overcome their doubts, realize their true abilities and new found excitement and motivation is extremely satisfying as a coach.

For anyone interested in CrossFit, we have a great group of coaches at CFVV who will set you up for success and make you feel comfortable and welcome, regardless of your fitness level!