Lauren ShawCoach

Vacaville has been my hometown since I was fairly young. After attending college in Los Angeles, I came back to be near my family. I was a swimmer for Vacaville swim team growing up and have always appreciated athletic activities and being part of a team. My journey into Crossfit started when Andy came into my office as a client and told me I just “had to join his gym”. I was training at the time to do an open water swim and thought it would be a good way to cross train. I appreciated the camaraderie and also that someone else was telling me what workout to do. At first, I only dabbled in Crossfit and took some time off. Coming back to Crossfit Vacaville was one of the best decisions I’ve made for both my fitness and my life. I know I’m undoubtedly stronger than I’ve ever been. That carries over into so many areas of my life, and my favorite part about now being able to coach is sharing that with other people. It’s tough to beat the joy of getting someone to realize how much more capable they are than they ever suspected. Crossfit will challenge you – without a doubt. But it will do that in an environment of people that are being challenged right along side you and want to see you succeed. We struggle together, we root for each other, and we all experience being stronger and healthier than we were before we started this journey. Crossfit Vacaville is a family that I’m thrilled to be a part of, and I would want everyone to know that Crossfit can be for anyone. We can make it work for you no matter your fitness level, and we will be they’re cheering for you all along the way.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified