Carrie NielsenCoach

I am married to my husband, Mike. We have two kids Alabama (4) and Michael (2). I was born and raised in Vacaville. I graduated from Will C. Wood high school. I am an NCCT and ASCP certified laboratory technician. I worked for Sutter Health for approx. 6 years before deciding to start a family with my husband. I am a stay at home mom and student now.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both pregnancies and had cesarean sections with both births. As a result, it leads to postpartum depression, more severely with my second pregnancy. The combination of the two medical issues lead me to the decision that I needed to make some life changes that I could stick with, so I decided to try CrossFit.

CrossFit has changed my life completely. I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I have ever been. It has built up my self-confidence and made me discover that I could do more than I ever knew I was capable of. I have made new friends that are encouraging and supportive (which is hard to do when you stay home with your kids). It has brought a new meaning to my life.

After joining CrossFit Vacaville and discovering the passion I had for CrossFit, I changed my major from being a nurse to Kinesiology. I am interested in helping people that may be in the position that I was in before I began. I feel I have the compassion and understanding to help motivate people that may need it.

The idea of helping or encouraging someone in the way that I needed when I began CrossFit is exciting to me and why I decided to become a trainer at CrossFit Vacaville.

I have tried other gyms. There is no gym like CrossFit Vacaville. There is a camaraderie there that you will not find anywhere else. Not only are the workouts differently daily there is always a trainer there to help you. There is always someone to assist you with your nutrition or to motivate you. The challenges have taught me different ways to confront my weaknesses with great success.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified